Activating teaching

Participants: Teachers at AU Health, including clinical associate professors and clinicians involved in teaching.

Content: Active learning has to do with students doing something and reflecting upon what they did. Active learning is associated with relevant activities such as reading, writing, discussing, problem-solving, listening or thinking.  Active learning is variously called: Student-centered, learner-centered, student engaged, inductive teaching, student participation and interactive instruction. These terms cover nearly the same concern: How should the teacher design in-class or outside-class activities where students do something?

We will work with the alignment between learning objectives, activities, and assessment. We will discuss which tools the university teacher may use in concrete lessons. We will also discuss commonalities between tools and principles, and why they (might) work. Finally we will include cooperative learning tools where students work together to accomplish shared learning goals.

Purpose: After this course the participants will have developed skills to plan and conduct activating teaching in the health sciences. Focus will be on small and large group university teaching, i.e. seminar teaching and lecturing.

Duration: 2 hours.

Language: The course will be conducted in Danish unless a minimum of 3 participants request that the course be conducted in English.

Number of participants: 8-14.


October 3, 2018 at 14:00 to 16:00. Sign up here.

If you cannot follow the course at the time offered above, but would like to follow the course at some other time, please indicate your interest by signing up for the “waiting list” here and we will contact you the next time the course is offered.