Video lecture with presenter outside AU

This tutorial explains how to setup an Adobe Connect conference with a lecturer outside AU. Because Adobe Connect is only licensed to users with a AU-id, the video lectures requires an organizer at Aarhus University who can setup the meeting (called a "host"), and who provides the link for the external lecturer (called the "presenter").

On Host's computer: Setup a meeting with passcode

  1. To allow presenters outside AU, the host should create a "Meeting" with the option "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room" checked.
  2. The meeting should also be protected by a passcode, so that only people that you give this code can view.

On Host's computer: Make the lecturer a "Presenter"

Make presenter
  1. The "host", who has setup the meeting, waits for the external lecturer to login.
  2. When the lecturer's name appears (here "Gæst"), the chooses the name and clicks "Make a presenter".
  3. The lecturer's name should now move from "Participant" to "Presenter".

On the Presenter's computer: Start webcam, microphone and presentation

Activate webcam, microphone and presentation
  1. Once the external lecturer has been promoted to Presenter, they should be able to "Start webcam", "Share my screen" and similar.
  2. Drag and drop the presentation (e.g. a PowerPoint file) to the area that says "Share my screen" on Adobe Connect. The presentation will now upload and be possible to slide through with the arrows.
  3. Press the microphone icon to activate the microphone on the computer (we highly recommend that you use a headset to prevent audio feedback from the system)
  4. Press "Start webcam" to activate the web camera on the computer