About CESU 

Centre for Health Sciences Education (CESU) is a research-, developments- and counseling unit which has to do with the pre- and postgraduate health sciences education for the Health faculty at Aarhus University (AU)  and the “Videreuddannelsesregion Nord”.  CESU therefore supports high quality and socially relevance in the faculty’s basic educations, research education, and postgraduate and further education activities.

Through research, teaching, development and counseling the overall goal for the research based health education is secured by:

  • Implementing education research on the health area on a high international level
  • Complete research based education relevant activities regarding the educations
  • Secure “Faculty development” through offers with focused pedagogical education for teachers.
  • Run other education tasks through further appointment with the dean of Health and “Videreuddannelsesregion Nord.”
  • Contribute to pedagogical development of postgraduate and further education of Health, especially the medical further education at “Videreuddannelsesregion Nord.”
  • Participate in quality conducive activities, hereby pedagogical competence development
  • Assist educational leaders, who develops or revise existing educations.
  • Being a central collaborator in relation to Educational IT at Health on all levels.
  • Counseling the faculty board of directors at Health in education related education scientific questions.
  • Counseling leaderships and authorities in educational related questions.

Read more about Centre for Health Sciences Educations purpose and organization here.

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