Educational IT

The Edu-IT focus

The Edu-IT focus at the Health faculty is a part of AU’s digital strategy, which besides teaching also has to do with research, administration, the study environment and so on. The goal for the digitization of education is that AU should be able to offer educations at the highest possible international level. The use of digital solutions in education offers a good way to engage and activate the students. This is for example because digitization can increase and support a new thinking about the pedagogical and didactic approaches to teaching. The implementation of IT also secures a digital culture, where the students are offered digital methods and tools for the solution of complex professional issues (Read AU’s digital strategy).

Digital in many ways

The EDU-IT focus of AU from 2018-2023 distinguish between four different degrees, which a teaching course can implement digital tools with (Read: the EDU-IT focus at the Health faculty for 2018-2023). The digitalization degrees takes their starting points in four different ways of weighting the relation between the physical meeting between students and teacher (in-class) and the online activities (out-of-class). There is none of the four ways of digitalization, which is better than the other is, the important part is, that each strategy is developed and adjusted for the relevant materials and the specific learning goal, which the course demands.