Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a video conferencing software that allows webinars to be held (composed of: "Web based seminar"). You can use the program for presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar over the Internet with the option of video calls between many people, screen sharing, document sharing, whiteboard function, clear participant overview and much more.

Adobe Connect makes it possible to teach students who are spread across the country. This may be the case, for example, when the students are on an internship and still have to receive tuition at the university. Here, a lot of transportation costs can be saved by holding a webinar instead. The program also makes it easier for students to receive tuition from associate professors who sit at other universities around the world on a daily basis.

The tool has many features that support activating teaching. The students can, for example, "raise their hand" at the touch of a button or ask questions to the lecturer continuously in a chat field. The possibility of interaction between teacher and student helps to make the web-based lectures an alternative to the physical version. It is also a good tool for students in group work where one or more of the participants cannot be physically present.

When using Adobe Connect for teaching, you should have someone who knows the program to be in charge of the technical. Many unwanted scenarios can occur when many people are gathered in one meeting. For example, the technician has the ability to turn off participants' microphones, find relevant questions in the chat, and quickly step in if something unexpected should occur.

It is a good idea to reconcile expectations with the meeting participants and set some clear rules for the meeting before it starts. Especially if this is the first time Adobe Connect has been used. This could be, for example, how the dialogue will take place; who introduces; when in the presentation that dialogue is opened up; the dialogue must be verbal or written; when may participants turn on their camera or microphone, etc.

Adobe Connect is compatible with many other digital learning tools as it facilitates overall contact and screen sharing. For example, you can use Mentimeter to test students' understanding during your web-based lecture (see Mentimeter manual).

The program is easy to use, as only the person who has created the lecture / meeting has to download the program. Participants just need an internet link to join. It is free to use the full version of Adobe Connect if you are an employee or student at Aarhus University (see Create user & first meeting on the right).