Mentimeter is a Student Response System (SRS). The tool allows you to ask questions to the students in your lectures. As soon as the answers are uploaded by mobile, tablet or computer you can access the results and show them to the students in simple graphics. You can use Mentimeter as a starting point for dialog or a tool to assess the students’ understanding. Mentimeter allows you to activate the students at a lecture or a class by engaging all instead of few. You can arrange your mentimeter as a multiple choice questionnaire, word clouds, scales, matrixes, quizzes etc.

Mentimeter is helpful both in- and out-of-class. An important distinction/function in Mentimeter is “Presenter/Audience pace” (watch the video Voting pace in the right side of the page).  The teacher decides the pace in presenter pace. The teacher can hereby control when the students can answer the questions. The students have control in audience pace. Here the students can answer all the questions at any time. Presenter pace is preferable in class. It has the advantage that all participents answer at the same time. Audience pace is perferable out of class. It has the advantage that the students can answer the questions at any given time. This is useful, if you want to gather answers and inputs between classes.

You can use Mentimeter in collaboration with other Edu-IT tools. For example, the mentimeter can embedded on Blackboard (watch the guide Embed Mentimeter in BB in the right side).


You need an AUID to access the full version of the program. It takes 10 minutes to create an user and start using Mentimeter. Click here for a How to get started-guide and here for Mentimeter’s homepage.

Video guide

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