Padlet is a digital pin-board, which you easily can share with students and colleagues. You can quickly create a board, which is compatible with all file-types. You can thereby share links, pictures, audio-files, text-documents and videos. The other participants can subsequently view, comment and edit the content. The simple, flexible design makes the tool useful in many contexts (learning-activities in classes, brainstorms, meetings, document-sharing etc.).

Padlet is helpful both in- and out-of-class. In-class the students can divide into groups. The groups can either create their own padlets or work with a starting point in a padlet created by the teacher. The tool is also ideal for interaction through discussion and collaborative-activities both in- and out-of-class.

Padlet works well in connection with other digital tools. You can integrate your padlet to Blackboard and share mentimeters, google docs/forms and soapbox-videos on your padlet.

You need a user to start using Padlet. Padlet offers a free user, which can use other’s padlets as much as you wish and create three of your own. If you need to create more than three, then you need to upgrade to a full membership with a monthly/yearly payment. Click here to get started.

Examples/cases (Danish)