Soapbox by Wistia


Soapbox by Wistia is a program that makes it possible to record yourself and your screen at the same time. You can later on edit and share the recoding easily. The program is an add-on to Google Chrome, so it only works in this internet browser. The strength of the tool is definitely, that it is very easy to figure out. It only takes one simple click in the browser to start the recording, the editing window is easy to understand with useful functions and you share the recording by simply sending an internet link.

Soapbox is ideal for flipped classroom teaching. Flipped classroom turns the traditional teaching environment on its head, by letting the teacher deliver the academic knowledge outside the classroom – out-of-class – often assisted by digital media, and replace the classic teaching with active teaching activities. In this way, the lowest taxonomic level is handled out-of-class by letting the students get a basic insight into and understanding for core knowledge and procedures.

Here you can use Soapbox to create teaching videos of yourself and your slides, where you present core knowledge, methods and theories (see Example with Cristine Betzer - in danish).  Hereafter you put the presentation on Blackboard through a link, which the students then watch before the lesson. Teaching videos are useful for Flipped Classroom, because they are multimodal through both photo, sound and text, and they can therefor support the different teaching methods. This makes it possible to present both the simple and more complex course material prior to the course. The videos can give the students more flexibility, and they offer the opportunity of reputation and adjustment according to the teaching pace.

Another advantage of teaching videos is that both teacher and the students can reuse them. Students can use the videos when they are rehearsing for the exams and a teacher can use them to present the same term to different classes.

It is easy to download Soapbox and to get started (see the Downloadguide). The program is available in both a free and a paid version. The free version gives you access to most of the functions you will need (record, edit and share). If you decide to pay for the full version, you will be able to download the recordings to your computer. To get started with Soapbox you need a google account (Gmail).  If you already have a Gmail click here. If not, then click here.

Example with Cristine Betzer (In Danish)

Cristine Betzer, Lecturer, Institute for Biomedicine, AU - product from adjunktpædagogikum



Soapbox by Wistia is an externally IT-system which AU do not have a data handling agreement with. When you record a video, it will automatically be uploaded to Wistia. However you will need a link for other people to find it. Therefore you need to be aware of the rules for IT-security when you use this tool. You can read more about the AU rules here.

Record, edit and share (danish guidance)


Download the program