Video with quiz in Blackboard

Video with multiple choice quiz is an easy way to engage students. It requires that you have a video where questions can be submitted so that students can naturally stop and reflect. You can use it for example for case-based teaching where a video presentation of a case or a real patient study can be made interactive.

With Kaltura Media, it is possible to put a multiple-choice question up to a specific time code in a video. It pauses the video and only lets the students look further when they have answered the question.

Watch the demo below.

Example of video with quiz

Get started

1. Select the course and menu item where you want to insert quiz video.

2. Under "Tools", select "Kaltura Media"

3. To create a new quiz, select "Add new" in the upper right corner of the window and click "Video Quiz".

4. Now a window will open where you need to select the video, which needs to have the quiz added to it. Here you can either select a video you have already uploaded or "Upload media" to upload a new one from your computer.

5. On the next page press "Choose a file to upload", find the video on your computer and press Ok.

6. While the video file uploads, you can name it (preferably with "- quiz" after the title) and provide a description. When the green process bar at the top shows 100%, you can press "Save" to save. Then press "Edit quiz" to design the quiz.

7. "Please wait." Drink a cup of coffee - it may take a few minutes for your video to be converted.

8. When the Quiz editor is ready, you will see a window where you can write a title and description for the quiz.

9. Then use "Play", "Pause" and the timeline to choose where each question should come. Press the pause when the right time comes, and then click "+" in the center of the video image.

10. Now you can add question options and answer options. The green answer option is the correct answer. Press "+" to add more answers.

11. When you have made many answers, you can press the arrows in the upper left to mix the answer options.

12. When you have finished the question, press "Save".

13. Then repeat steps 9-12 each time you want to add a new question. In the timeline at the bottom, you will see a blue dot every time there is a quiz in the video. Tap these to edit one of the questions again.

14. When you are done, select "Preview quiz" and see if everything is as it should be.

15. Click "Back to browse and embed" when you finish the quiz.

16. You will now return to the window where you can select media. On the page is both the video you uploaded and the quiz video. Choose the one with the title that you gave it in step 6 (with "- quiz" at the end).

17. Finally, create a headline for video with quiz that students can see in Blackboard. Press, "Submit" – well done!


Kasper Lauritzen

Member of Administrative Staff