Adapting course activities to support student learning

The teacher must design for student learning as best as possible under the given circumstances. This is foremost a matter of helping the students to work even more independently with the material now and over the course of your interaction with them online. This includes communicating frequently and accurately. Here are examples of how to customize course activities to support student learning and interaction.

Designing homework for student groups

  • To create an interactive learning environment between students, you can create learning groups on Blackboard (preferably use already established study groups) and design home assignments, questions and exercises via Blackboard. However, as a teacher you can also use technology to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment by allowing students to interact with one another.
  • Online written collaboration is possible using e.g. Google Docs or discussion boards via Blackboard. Example of the use of peer feedback, see the case:  "Larger written group assignment with peer feedback".