Exam during corona

Due to the physical shutdown of AU’s campus, written and oral on-site exams cannot be administered as usual. As a consequence, that it’s necessary to conduct these types of exams in alternative digital formats.

Oral exams on Zoom

Using Zoom to oral exams

We are working on an English translation of the guide to Zoom.

You can also sign up to CESU's Zoom-workshops, where you will learn how to administrate an oral exam i Zoom.

Advice for teachers in digital exams

Systems breakdowns

What must the examiner do?

  • If there is a systems breakdown before or during an exam, the student must contact you by phone. The phone number can be found in the Digital Exams system under the exam in question.
  • You should then try to re-establish a connection via Zoom. If Zoom still does not work, you must try to establish a connection via Skype for Business instead.
  • If it proves impossible to establish a connection within five minutes, you must terminate the exam and contact the student by email to arrange a new time for the exam. This new time will be on the same day, after the planned exams have been completed.
  • It is your decision as examiner whether an exam should be terminated.
  • If the breakdown happens after the exam has started, the student must draw a new question for the rescheduled exam.
  • If you experience systems breakdown, please note it as part of your exam notes in a way that allows you to reproduce the event in any later examination appeal.
  • If the exam is terminated owing to a systems breakdown, this will not be regarded as a failed attempt to pass it. This is the case whether the breakdown occurs before or during the exam. And it does not matter whether the breakdown is due to the student’s system or the system used by the examiner/co-examiner.  The student is not required to produce evidence of any systems breakdowns occurring either before or during the exam.

Rules for online/virtual oral exams

Exams can only be conducted if your computer/tablet has access to a video connection via a webcam.

The examiner must ensure that students identify themselves with their student ID card before the exam starts. 

If the student has invited anyone else to attend the exam, they must be visible in the background throughout the entire exam. You may decide to start by asking for a 360-degree panorama of the room with the student’s webcam to ensure that:

  • There are no aids in the room (notes, works of reference etc.), if the exam in question does not permit the use of aids.
  • The screens of any tablets, cellphones and other devices which could be used to communicate with third parties are placed on the table facing downwards. 

Rules for group exams

Aarhus University recommends that groups comply with the guidelines issued by the health authorities and keep their distance by taking part in exams separately using their own computers/tablets. The examiner is not responsible for ensuring that students comply with the university’s recommendations.

Rules for recording oral online exams 

Audio and/or video recordings of oral online exams are not permitted, unless they are part of the exam process (cf. section 4 subsection (5) of the Danish Examination Order).

If you discover that audio or video recordings of the exam are being made, you must ask the student to stop doing this. If students fail to comply with this request, you must terminate the exam without an assessment, and this will be regarded as a failed attempt to pass the exam in question.

If you suspect that a student is cheating

If the examiner and co-examiner discover that a student has brought aids which are not permitted with them, or infringed against the guidelines relating to cheating in exams in any other way, they must inform the student after the exam that a report regarding possible cheating will be submitted. The grade should be discussed in normal fashion, but it should not be announced. The normal procedures for reporting any suspected cheating at exams should be observed.

Help and support

Health IT Support


Phone: 87150922

Contact Health IT Support, if you experience technical problems with use of Zoom.

Zoom and CESU

Contact CESU, if you need pedagogical or didactic support on your online exam.

HE Studier

Contact your exam administrator, if you have questions about the logistics of your exam.