Good advice for students participating in digital learning activities

Here we have gathered some advice for students participating in digital learning activities especially online synchronous teaching via platforms such as Zoom and Skype for Business. The following is intended as general advice to all Health students at AU. The advice is based on synchronous digital teaching activity, i.e. distance learning via Zoom, Skype for Business or streaming lecture or symposium. You will find the advice at the bottom of the page in the four boxes. The first box is four general tips and the last three are good tips divided into one before, during and after the teaching / learning activity.

Before - During - After

When we divide the learning activity into a before, during and after, it is because teaching is not just the time in which it is conducted, in this case, digitally. It is the entire period before the teaching where you prepare practically and professionally as well as motivate yourself, how to concentrate and contribute with participation and participation during the course itself. Finally, the process also includes the period after the teaching, where you reflect and finish both the academic and your own learning.