Redesign using video


  • We recommend using Zoom as a video conferencing system to conduct synchronous distance learning, i.e. both lectures and e.g. team-based learning or group teaching. Zoom can also be used to record and then upload the lecture or smaller lessons, which can then be shared with the students on Blackboard. However, please be aware that videos should be short. Videos viewed asynchronously often work best if they are max 10 minutes and of good quality. This may require that you rewrite some sequences. This is difficult to do if you are at the same time synchronously online with the students.


  • Use Blackboard to upload videos - for both teachers and students - or convert an existing video file into a multiple-choice (quiz) video.
  • As an alternative to synchronous distance learning, you can make a series of Digital presentations or teaching videos. Here, among other things, Soapbox or Screencast-O-Matic can be useful programs for recording what is going on your screen, yourself and the sound.