CESU conducts applied and practice-oriented educational research

The research at CESU creates new knowledge about the interaction between the teaching, the educational environment, and the learning processes in health sciences education and continuing medical education. In this way, CESU's research contributes to strengthening the professional development of educators and to advancing student learning and the educational environments at universities and clinical workplaces.

Our research revolves around themes such as professional development of teachers and health professionals, team learning, transitions and transfer of learning, clinical learning and decision-making, communication, and patient-centeredness in medical education.

Being a heterogeneous group of researchers, we celebrate cross-disciplinary research with a solid theoretical foundation within psychological, pedagogical and sociological theories of learning.

The research is based on a constructivist understanding of learning, and a combination of both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches is used. Our strength is a close collaboration across disciplines in university pedagogy and research in health sciences education.

Newest publications from CESU

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