Educational informatics for senior teachers

- rethinking and redesign of teaching with IKT


Participants: Experienced educators at AU Health. 

Overall objective: The overall objective of the Edu-IT course at AU Health is to support experienced educators in implementing useful and relevant technologies for teaching activities, as well as in identifying teaching elements which may be supplemented or converted to digital processes. It should result in more things. First, the course should lead to the modernization of education towards more contemporary teaching processes and methods. Second, we will use modern technology to create flexible and measurable virtual learning and collaboration opportunities.

Contents: The course is basically about e-learning and digital learning objects with a practical and theoretical approach to the use of technology in education at university level. The course runs over 4-6 months and is divided into three periods: a development and competence period, production and testing phase, and an implementation and presentation period.

Duration: 4-6 months 

Number of participants: 6-24 

Practical information: The course is conducted as a tailored course for at group of educators. Please contact Mads Ronald Dahl.

Time: To be agreed between EDU-it, Health and a group of educators.