Team-based learning

Participants: Teachers at AU Health, including clinical associate professors and clinicians involved in teaching.

Content: Team-based Learning (TBL) is a learner-centered, instructor-directed strategy for small-group active learning in large group educational settings. It is a student-activating teaching method which adds a more inter-active and group-based approach to traditional lectures.

In TBL learners are accountable; expected to prepare outside of class and collaborate with their team members to solve authentic problems and make decisions in class. Students learn how to work in teams through the process of TBL – they do not need additional instruction nor does the instructor need to be a group process expert. The teacher applies an outcome-based approach to stay focused on what the learners should be able to do.

This workshop introduces the participants to didactical principles and methods in TBL by the use of hands-on exercises. In addition, the participants will learn how to conduct TBL via a Blackboard module.

We recommend that participants make themselves familiar with case-based teaching before this course e.g. through the course in case-based learning.

Purpose: Participants can apply basic TBL-tools in their own teaching.

Language: The course will be conducted in Danish unless a minimum of 3 participants request that the course be conducted in English. 

Duration: 3½ hour workshop.

Number of participants: 8-12.


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