EDU-IT Week 2020

Centre for Health Sciences Education is arranging a wide range of EDU-IT workshops aimed towards educators at Health. The next course range will take place in week 43 in 2020 (October 19.-23.). If you would like one or more courses as a tailored course range, you are welcome to contact the course leader. 

Registration to courses at EDU-IT Week 2020 is happening through AU Events. You will be able to find the links for the registration forms at the specific workshops. To read more about the specific workshops you can click the links below or on the left side of this page (when you click the different workshops, you have to select "English" at the top of the page again). 

Please notice that the EDU-IT Week courses will be conducted in Danish, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you want a similar course in English.  

Overview of the week

Remember to click "English" in the left corner, when clicking in on and reading about the different courses.