Edu-IT workshop: Feedback and peer-feedback

Participants: Educators at the Faculty of Health

Purpose: The purpose of feedback is to promote and support your students' ongoing learning process. As educators, we have to be aware of the feedback criteria, the student's understanding of feedback, and give them the possibility to use and act on this feedback prospectively. 

Peer feedback is an activity and a dialogue, which can give an insight in the student's own learning through both the preparation that is necessary to give feedback to fellow students and through self-evaluation of one’s own work by reviewing and revision of others' work.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce and work with digital feedback and peer feedback regarding both development of activities, practical use of digital tools and application in the teaching.



Reflect on how you are already making use of feedback and peer feedback during lectures and teaching, and whether if you have any experiences with implementing digital tools. Furthermore, think about what your pedagogical aim is as well as if you have any challenges you can imagine could be accommodated by using digital feedback and peer feedback.


The course will be conducted in Danish, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you want a similar course in English.


3 hours. This workshop can also be tailored to a teaching team or to a professional event at departments and units.

Number of participants: 4-12 participants

Day/date/time: Tuesday October 20. 2020 from 09.00-12.00

Venue: Online

Catering: Catering will consist of coffee, water and cookis

Material: Bring a laptop and possibly notes on your preparation

Make sure you can log in to Blackboard

Registration deadline: Thursday October 15. 2020 at 16.00.

Registration via this link