Edu-IT workshop: Mentimeter

Participants: Senior employees

Purpose: Mentimeter is a Student Response System (SRS) that you can use to facilitate interactive and student activating teaching. Via smartphone, tablet or computer the students can answer, see and ask questions immediately through clear graphic visuals, which can be used to create dialogue or to test understanding of a given subject. In other words, Mentimeter is a great tool for activating your students during lectures or group sessions and for creating engagement for everyone at once, instead of only a few.


  • Pedagogical use of Mentimeter
  • Activating lectures
  • Practical use
  • Examples and exchange of ideas

Preparation: Learn more about Mentimeter and how you create a free account on

Number of participants: 6-12 participants

Duration: 3 hours

Language: The course will be conducted in Danish unless a participants request that the course be conducted in English. 




Wednesday October 21. 2020 from 9.00-12.00  

Registration deadline: Friday Ocotber 16. 2020 at 16.00  

Registration via this link