Edu IT-workshop: Technology based supervision

Participants: Senior employees


The dialogue, interaction and dynamics of the supervisory dialogue and meeting change when face-to-face is replaced by or supplemented with digital tools and online communication. The supervisors and students will find that the communication is now:

  • Multimodal: Dialogue has become a combination of the spoken word, the written word, photos, sound, and video, which may be used before, during, or after the supervision meeting.
  • Doubled: If several digital platforms and tools are being used together (e.g. LMS system, social media, and collaborative media), not only one, but several conversations may be taking place at the same time. The different dialogues are not always aligned and coordinated.
  • Displaced: While the face-to-face meeting is synchronous, many forms of communication online are asynchronous, meaning that you may write into the same stream, but not necessarily at the same time.

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce and work with various compatible digital supervision tools, and how it can be practically applicable to your supervision practice and context to support student learning. We will discuss the educational and pedagogical use of e.g. Kaizena and Soapbox [audio applications and programs], as well as being introduced to practical examples, and have the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with colleagues.


09.00 - 09.30: Discussion about the concept of a learning design and blended learning with a focus on specifying and further developing your supervision plan and how digital tools can be integrated.

09.30 – 10.00: Presentation and demonstration of digital supervision tools, including introduction to practice examples and pedagogical principles

10.00 - 10.15: Coffee break

10.15 - 11.30: Activity: Further develop your supervision plan using learning design models, and testing the various digital tutorial tools. It is possible to get help from a CESU consultant and a student assistant (breaks are included).

11.45 - 12.00: Rounding off with exchange of experiences and ideas, as well as evaluating the workshop.


Reflect on how a typical supervision plan with your students looks like and whether you have any experience in integrating digital supervision tools. Also, consider what your educational and pedagogical purpose is and whether you have any challenges in your current supervision practice where you believe educational IT can be the solution.


The course will be conducted in Danish unless a participants request that the course be conducted in English


3 hours. This workshop can also be tailored to a teaching team or to a professional event at departments and units.

Number of participants:

4-12 participants

Waiting list:

In case of over-booking, a waiting list will be created, after which we can arrange a tailored workshop.


Friday October 23. 2020 from 09.00 to 12.00




Catering will consist of coffee, water and cookies.


Bring a laptop and possibly notes on your preparation.

Registration deadline:

Friday October 18. 2020 at 16.00

Registration via this link