Edu-IT workshop: Video

Participants: Educators on Health

Purpose: This workshop focuses on fundamental principles for planning, producing, editing and publishing useful educational videos, as well as an introduction to pedagogical use and implementation. This year will be held a special edition of the Edu-IT course, as it will focus on how to create great content of your screen-recordings for online asyncrenous learning. Thus, the course's primary focus will be on how to plan a recording and how to do screen and webcam recordings using zoom.


  • Pedagogical use of video.
  • Equipment for use of video (in this case we'll use zoom for screen-recordings).
  • Flipped classroom.
  • Software for editing.
  • Use and prevalence.

Preparation: Go through the Blackboard online course: Video i din undervisning. If you wish to use the workshop to produce a finished video, you can prepare a storyboard for your video beforehand. You’ll find a storyboard template and a short introduction for it at CESU’s homepage: > Educational IT > Programs and tools > Videoplanning using storyboard.

To bring: Be ready at your computer and optionally bring your storyboard, if you prepared one. Make sure you can log-in to Blackboard and Zoom.

Participants: 6-12 participants

Language: The course will be conducted in Danish, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you want a similar course in English / Kurset afholdes på dansk.

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Online

Time: Monday October 19. 2020 from 13.00-16.00

Registration deadline: Wednesday October 14. 2020 at 16.00

Registration via this link