Honorary Skou Professor

Honorary Skou Professor at CESU, Aarhus University

Kevin Eva has been awarded the title of Honorary Skou Professor at Faculty of Health with affiliation to CESU for the period November 2018 to October 2023. Read more about Honorary Skou Professors here: https://health.au.dk/en/research/honorary-skou-professors/

Eva is a widely recognized specialist in Health Sciences Educations who consults around the globe. His responsibilities include advisory roles for the National Board of Medical Examiners (US). We are pleased at CESU that he can add to our body of knowledge with qualification of various development and research projects and serve as a PhD supervisor.

Eva is Associate Director and Senior Scientist located at the Centre for Health Education Scholarship and Professor and Director of Educational Research and Scholarship in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Also he is the Editor-in-Chief for Medical Education since 2008. In addition to his affiliation with Aarhus University, he is Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne (Australia).

Kevin Eva’s area of research includes the development, maintenance, and assessment of competence and expertise, the selection of students for health professional training programs, clinical reasoning strategies, performance assessment, and the role of self-regulation in professional practice.

More specifically, his research focuses on:

(1) The value and limits of subjectivity in assessment,

(2) The promotion and assessment of non-cognitive academic characteristics in professional practice

(3) The context specific nature of performance,

(4) The conceptualization, nature, and use of self-assessment,

(5) The psychological processes that impact upon one’s responsiveness to feedback.

(6) The nature of clinical expertise.

Visit Kevin Evas profile on research gate for more information on publications within his areas of research. Feel free to contact us at CESU if you are interest in more information or may have an inquiry, which align with the above areas of research.